Host A Party!

It Works! Ultimate Body Wrap parties are the easiest parties in the world to host. You serve water.

That’s it! Meanwhile, everyone’s wrapping and having fun! If you choose to offer snacks for your guests we recommend that you serve light refreshments-sticking to veggies and/or fresh fruit. Wraps will be offered to your guests at $25.00 each. The retail price per wrap is $35.00! As a hostess, you can wrap for free! If 8 wraps are purchased, the hostess wraps for free! If a dozen or more wraps are purchased at the party, a hostess will receive one additional wrap free (Ultimate Body Wrap). Done in two hours, your friends will be reclaiming their sexy and loving it (and you)! Here’s what will happen at your party: Each guest will be offered help applying their wrap. If accepted, a private room will need to be made available to ensure their privacy. Before applying the wrap, they will be offered to have their measurements taken as well. This will be done also in a very discreet manner with measurements written down and not spoken. The privacy and comfort of your guests is my number one priority. Serve refreshments (as desired) and drink water. And drink. And drink. While you and your guests are wrapped, I will give some information about It Works and have a Q&A session about the wraps and other products. Lastly I will then give a very soft sell about the products. They will not be pressured into purchasing anything. These products literally sell themselves. After about 45 minutes to an hour, guests will be unwrapped and re-measured. We will celebrate the results with a toast (of water)! It truly is the most hassle-free, relaxing home party you could ever host! Ultimate Wrap Parties are only offered twice a month and dates are limited. Don’t hesitate-contact me today to book your Ultimate Body Wrap party!

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