How The Wraps Work

Did you know that within 19 seconds, your skin starts absorbing any cream you put on it? So if you’re wondering about the It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator and what exactly is in this body wrap, it’s a good question. Which is naturally followed up with an equally good question: How do these body wraps work?

You’ve got questions; we’ve got answers!

The Ultimate Body Applicator formula is a combination of herbal and botanical ingredients blended together and infused on non-woven cloth.  You can place the body wrap anywhere you want to get firmer, from the chinline down to “cankles.” Although you’ll only wear it 45 minutes or a bit more, the Ultimate Body Applicator continues to tighten and tone you for 72 hours.

How in the world does it do that?

Our body wraps are a detox. You’ve heard of cleanses where people drink just juice or cayenne water for days? Those cleanse you and your colon from the inside. The Ultimate Body Applicator cleanses from the outside in, targeting your adipose cells, AKA your fat cells. Unless you’ve Lipo-ed your fat cells into oblivion, you’re stuck with the fat cells you have. And beside holding onto fat, they also hold onto toxins, which not only comes from bad eating, but also our environment and even stress. That’s what the Ultimate Body Applicator targets, shrinking your cells back to their normal size. The result is you look tightened and toned. This process takes 72 hours and the results can last 3-5 months!

Just listen to some of these yummy ingredients:

Horse chestnut

According to the National Institutes for Health, horse chestnut seed extract is good for treating varicose veins

Green tea

Known to protect the skin from sun damage, caffeine also is showing much promise in fighting wrinkles and sun damage


This is a type of seaweed and helps aging skin

Ivy leaf extract

Reports in from Europe say this is good for reducing stretch marks

Horsetail leaf/stem extract 

Known to help encourage weight loss

Butcher’s Broom root extract

Combats varicose veins

Guarana seed extract 

A shrub rich in caffeine, known as a stimulant, and expected to increase fat burning

Jojoba seed oil

Similar in structure to human skin oils, jojoba is good for unclogging pores


Comes from mint, used to treat sun burns and as a topical analgesic

Rosemary leaf oil

Chock full of antioxidants

Eucalyptus leaf oil

Used for acne … Plus, doesn’t it smell wonderful?

These are just some of the wonderful ingredients found in the solution on our Ultimate Body Applicator body wraps. They stimulate and release the toxins and extra fat in your fat cells, then your lymphatic system does the rest of the work. That’s a fancy way of saying you pee it out. THAT’s why we require you drink so much water before, during, and after applying your slimming body wrap. And that, in an organic, botanical nutshell, is what the Ultimate Body Applicator is and how it works.

Curious?  Contact me about trying a wrap today @


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